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gym machines for glutes

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Welcome to my latest blog post, where I will be discussing the best gym machines for glutes.

Only the Best Gym Machines for Glutes

gym machines for glutes

Did you know that the glutes are the most sought-after body part to tone and strengthen? Strong glutes improve athletic performance, posture, and help prevent back pain.

“A strong set of glutes not only looks good but also keeps your body in balance and improves overall function,” says personal trainer Eric Cottrill.

The Glute Bridge Machine is the best gym machine for glutes, targeting and isolating the gluteal muscles with proper form and maximum engagement. In this post, I’ll share the top gym machines designed for glute toning. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, these machines will elevate your glute workout.

Let’s dive in and discover the best exercises, such as cable machines, free weights, resistance bands, Smith machines, and stair steppers, that deliver the best results for your glutes.

Gym Machines for Glutes: Specific Muscles Targeted

Gym MachineTargeted Glute Muscle
1.Glute Bridge MachineGluteus Maximus
2.Leg Press MachineGluteus Maximus and Medius
3.Hip Thrust MachineGluteus Maximus
4.Leg Extension MachineGluteus Maximus and Medius
5.Stair ClimberGluteus Maximus and Medius
6.Squat MachineGluteus Maximus and Quadriceps
7.Glute Kickback MachineGluteus Maximus and Medius

#1 – Glute Bridge Machine

This machine is designed to isolate the gluteus maximus muscle. It typically involves lying on a bench with your feet on a platform and pushing through your heels to raise your hips. This machine allows for targeted and controlled glute activation.

The machine has a padded bench with a foot platform at the end. The user sits on the bench and places their feet on the platform, often with a weight plate or machine weight loaded on the opposite end, and then pushes through their heels to lift their hips off the bench.

#2 – Leg Press Machine

This machine targets the gluteus maximus and medius muscles. It involves sitting on a seat and pushing a weight away with your legs. The weight is usually on a sled that moves on a track, and you can adjust the resistance to your fitness level.

The machine has a seat for the user to sit on, with a platform for the user’s feet and a sled with weight plates that the user pushes away by extending their legs.

#3 – Hip Thrust Machine

This machine also targets the gluteus maximus muscle. It involves sitting on a bench with a barbell or weight plate across your hips and thrusting upward, similar to a glute bridge. This machine also allows for targeted and controlled glute activation.

The machine has a padded bench for the user, with a barbell or weight plate holder on top. The user sits on the bench with their shoulders against the backrest and their feet flat on the floor and then pushes the weight upward by contracting their glutes.

#4 – Leg Extension Machine

Leg Extension Machine

The Leg Extension Machine is a gym apparatus primarily designed to work the quadriceps, but can be utilized to activate your glutes too. The seated position and movement involve both hip and knee extension, engaging the glutes as secondary muscles.

Its main advantage is the isolation of the muscle groups, allowing for focused strength building. The range of motion includes the seated starting position with the legs bent, extending through to full leg extension.

#5 – Stair Climber

Stair Climber

The Stair Climber is a classic glute workout machine. This cardio equipment simulates the motion of climbing stairs which targets the gluteus maximus, the body’s largest muscle, along with hamstrings and quadriceps.

Benefits of using the stair climber include improved cardiovascular health, increased strength and endurance in the lower body, and effective calorie burning for weight loss.

The range of motion involves stepping up one foot at a time in a continuous climbing motion.

#6 – Squat Machine

Squat Machine

The Squat Machine, often known as a Smith Machine, is an excellent tool for developing the glutes. Squats primarily target the gluteus maximus but also work the gluteus minimus and medius, providing a comprehensive glute workout.

Benefits include developing strength and size in the glutes, improving lower body power, and enhancing core stability.

The range of motion encompasses the full squat movement from standing upright, descending into a deep squat, and returning to standing.

#7 – Glute Kickback Machine

Glute Kickback Machine

The Glute Kickback Machine targets the gluteal muscles – gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. By performing kickbacks, the machine isolates and activates the glutes, enhancing their shape and strength.

Benefits include improved hip mobility, enhanced lower body strength, and better balance and stability.

The range of motion for the glute kickback machine starts from a bent knee position extending to a full leg kickback, directly targeting the gluteal muscles.

Other Popular Glute Exercises with Resistance

The three most popular glute exercises are lunges, deadlifts and standing cable kickbacks.

Lunges (With Resistance)

Lunges work the gluteus maximus and medius muscles and the quadriceps and hamstrings. It involves taking a large step forward and lowering your body until your thigh is parallel to the ground while keeping your torso upright, then pushing back up to starting position. You can perform lunges with or without weights, such as dumbbells or barbells.

Lunges are a bodyweight exercise; it doesn’t require any machine; it is done by standing and taking a significant step forward with one foot and lowering the body until the thigh is parallel to the ground. It can be done with or without weights.

Lunges  Glute
Video Credit: Mind Pump TV


Deadlifts work the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and other muscle groups such as the lower back, traps, and forearms. It involves starting in a standing position with a barbell on the ground before you, then bending over to grasp the bar and lift it to a standing position. This compound exercise works for multiple muscle groups and is a great strength builder.

Deadlifts require a barbell and weight plates; they are done by standing with your feet hip-width apart, and bending over to grab the barbell with an overhand grip. Keep your back straight and legs slightly bent, and lift the barbell off the ground by straightening your legs.

Deadlifts Glute
Video Credit: SweatNET

Standing Cable Kickbacks

Standing cable kickbacks are a versatile exercise that targets the gluteal muscles, primarily the gluteus maximus. By attaching an ankle strap to a low cable pulley, you perform a controlled backward leg extension, engaging your glutes and hamstrings. This movement helps to strengthen, tone, and sculpt your lower body, promoting better stability and overall muscle definition.

Video Credit: Jeff Nippard

35-Day Sample Workout Program

Here is a 35-day exercise program that incorporates a mix of using the gym machines listed three times a week, with specific days of the week. You can swap out these exercises and switch things up depending on how aggressive you want to be with targeting your glute muscles.

Everyone is different, so give your body ample time to rest to see the most significant gains.


Question 1: What are the best glute machines for targeting your gluteus medius?

Answer: The cable machine and the Smith machine are among the best glute machines for targeting the gluteus medius. These machines allow you to perform exercises like cable hip abduction and Smith machine lunges, which activate and strengthen this important glute muscle group.

Question 2: How can I engage my glutes while working my upper body?

Answer: Incorporating exercises like hip extension on the cable machine or Romanian deadlifts with a barbell in your upper body routine is a great way to engage your glutes while targeting your upper body. These compound movements work multiple muscle groups, including your glutes, for a more efficient and effective workout.

Question 3: Are stair steppers and stair climbers the best exercise machines for glutes?

Answer: Yes, stair steppers and stair climbers are considered some of the best exercise machines for glutes. These machines simulate climbing stairs and provide a challenging workout for your glute muscles. By using these machines regularly, you can build glute strength and endurance while also improving cardiovascular fitness.

Question 4: How do hip thrusters help in strengthening the glutes?

Answer: Hip thrusters are an excellent way to target and strengthen the glutes. By using a glute bridge machine or a barbell on your hips, you can perform hip thrusters to activate the glute muscles and promote muscle growth. This exercise also engages the hamstrings and contributes to overall glute development.

Question 5: Can the elliptical machine be used to work the glutes effectively?

Answer: Absolutely! The elliptical machine is a versatile piece of equipment that engages multiple body parts, including the glutes. To target your glutes, focus on maintaining good form and using enough resistance. By doing so, you can achieve a great glute workout while also elevating your heart rate and working your entire body.

Best Gym Machines for Glutes: Wrap Up

best gym machines for glutes

In conclusion, incorporating the best glute exercises using various gym machines like the stair stepper, spin bike, and hip abductor can help target the glutes from different angles and yield better results. It’s important to use heavy weights, maintain proper form, and avoid unnatural positions to effectively engage the hip flexors, hip joint, hamstring curls, and thigh muscles. With consistent workouts, utilizing the right equipment in the right place, and allowing enough space for proper movement, you can achieve the strong, toned glutes you desire.

To optimize your glute workouts and ensure proper technique, consider consulting with a certified personal trainer. They can guide you on the best exercise machines like the chest press machine, which targets the main muscles of your upper body while engaging the glutes. Additionally, exercises like the reverse lunge, Bulgarian split squat, and good mornings with heavy weights can be incorporated into your workout routine to work the entire lower body effectively.

Remember to allow enough space and utilize a variety of machines to target different muscle groups and maximize the range of motion. By dedicating time and effort to your glute workouts, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your fitness goals and enjoying your favorite exercises that bring you one step closer to toned, strong glutes.

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